Copper Sfp 1000Base Sfp Ge T For H3C Switch

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  • H3C SFP-GE-T-D compatible 1000Base-T SFP Transceiver RJ45 H3C SFP-GE-T-D compatible 1000Base-T SFP Transceiver. Suitable for Copper applications unto 100M like Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel or SONET/SDH. 5 years warranty!

  • H3C SFP-GE-T Compatible 1000BASE-T SFP Copper RJ-45 1000BASE SFP; BiDi SFP; CWDM SFP; DWDM SFP; 2G/4G FC SFP; SONET/SDH SFP; Close; SFP Plus Transceivers. 10G SFP Plus; BiDi SFP Plus; CWDM SFP Plus; DWDM SFP Plus; 8G

  • Cisco SFP-GE-T Compatible Gigabit RJ45 Copper SFP This SFP module is compatible with the Cisco SFP-GE-T transceiver. Backed by a StarTech a copper connection to an SFP type switch that 1000BASE-T Base-SX SFP 850nm 550M | GLC-SX-MM | SFP SX | 1000Base 10G-T SFP+ Copper Module; SFP+ AOC; For H3C, JD063A, 1000BASE-LH70 SFP Transceiver, For Arista, 1000BASE-SX SFP Optics ModuleBase-T GLC-T SFP RJ45 GE CAT5 Copper 100M SFP 10Gtek's 1.25Gbps SFP-T SFP RJ45 copper transceivers are based on the SFP MSA, it's compliant with the Gigabit Ethernet and 1000BASE-T standards.

  • SFP-GE-T,H3C SFP-GE-T ModuleSFP-GE-T,H3C SFP-GE-T Module Copper SFP; Video SFP; LTE SFP; SGMII SFP; Compact SFP; 3G SFSW SFP; Asymmetrical SFP; 10G SFP+. Dual 10G SFP+; BIDI 10G SFP+ ; CWDM Base-T SFP 1.25Gb/s GE CAT5 Copper/ Cisco/HP/H3C Wholesale & Retail★Buy 1000Base-T SFP 1.25Gb/s GE CAT5 Copper online★Free Shipping, Qucik delivery in 2 days, 3-Year Warranty, 100% compatibles with Cisco/Hp BASE-T Copper SFP Transceiver | D-LinkNetwork and Switch Accessories > 1000BASE-T Copper SFP Transceiver; 1000BASE-T Copper SFP It is compatible with the Gigabit Ethernet and 1000BASE-T standards

  • SFP Gigabit Copper Module - 1000Base-T - Computer Cable StoreManual/Automatic Switch Boxes (7) Copper SFP > SFP Gigabit Copper Module - 1000Base-T. SFP-GE-T; Digital Diagnostic Monitoring: No;BASE SX SFP Transceiver, 1.25G 850nm - China Sopto1000BASE SX SFP supports 1.25G data rate and 500m transmission distance on Gigabit Ethernet. Fiber Channel. Switch to Switch H3C, 3COM, D-link

  • GBIC-GE-T-QW | H3C 1000BASE-T 100m Copper GBIC Transceiver GBIC-GE-T-QW — 100% H3C Compatible 1000BASE-T Copper Gigabit 100m RJ-45 Connector GBIC Transceiver Module (GBIC-GE-T) 2-YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL GBIC TRANSCEIVERS!Base-T SFP GE CAT5 Copper 100M | QFX-SFP-1GE-TQFX-SFP-1GE-T, Juniper compatible SFP 1000BASE-T Copper Transceiver Module for up to 100 m transmission on Cat5

  • Cisco SFP-GE-T Compatible 1000BASE-T Copper SFP - OptcoreGood quality Cisco SFP-GE-T Compatible 1000BASE-T Copper 100m RJ45 SFP Module at Affordable Factory Price,3 Year Warranty & Money-back Guarantee.

  • Cisco SFP-GE-T Compatible Gigabit RJ45 Copper SFP Cisco SFP-GE-T Compatible Gigabit RJ45 Copper SFP Transceiver Module IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T : Performance; 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 2 SFP

  • H3C Compatible SFP-GE-T-H3C 1000BASE-T SFP TransceiverH3C SFP-GE-T-H3C (100% Compatible) 1.25 Gbps 1000BASE-T Copper SFP Transceiver. Lifetime Warranty!

  • SFP-GE-T Cisco SFP Transceiver (Copper) 1000BASE-TAxiom SFP-GE-T Cisco Compatible SFP Transceiver (Copper) 1000BASE-T Modules, Certified 100% compliant in all OEM applications with RJ45 Connector.

  • 10g copper SFP fiber optic to rj45 media converter H3C 10g copper SFP fiber optic to rj45 media converter H3C 1000base-t SFP-GE-T,US $ 16.9 - 668.9 / Piece, China (Mainland), TOP-TRANS, SFP-GE-T.Source from Shenzhen

  • SFP Switches | eBayEnterprise Network Switch Modules; SFP Switches; New Cisco SFP-GE-T 1000BASE-T SFP Transceiver Compatible Cisco GLC-T SFP 1000BASE 3years Warranty RJ-45 Copper.

  • SFP-GE-T - H3C 1000Base-T SFP SFP-GE-TSFP-GE-T - H3C 1000Base-T SFP supplier. Buy SFP-GE-T with lowest price and lifetime warranty from SFP-GE-T manufacturer.

  • Cisco GLC-T SFP-GE-T copper RJ45 SFP transceiver - 10GtekCisco compatible 1000BASE-T 1.25Gbps SFP transceiver module for Category 5e copper wire, RJ-45 connector, up to 100 meters.