Huawei Ne40E X3 Cr5M00W2Xx20 2 Port 10G Base Wan Xfp Flexible Plug In Card

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  • Huawei Enterprise Product Portfolio 2012 | Interactive Huawei Enterprise Product Portfolio 2012. 450Kpps Fixed WAN port: 2 GE resolution and dual or four streams Hot-plug SD card Common audio

  • NE40E X1&NE40E X2 Hardware Description | Usb | EthernetThe NPU provides two 10G Ethernet optical interfaces and supports both WAN and LAN modes.NE40E Flexible Card (1588) 8-port Huawei Technologies Co.2 NE40E

  • Huawei- Complete Hardware Parts list Page - 19 3 Days. Ne40e-X3 Basic Configuration 3 Days. 2-Port 10Gbase Lan/Wan-Xfp F 3 Days. Flexible Card Line Processin N/A

  • bwc.ruOptical Transceiver,XFP,10G,Single-mode Module NE40E-X3 Universal Service Router 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card A

  • 1com.netEricsson Juniper GGSN sales@1com Ericsson-Juniper GGSN BFL 119 215/1 BFL119215/1 R2 GGSN R3/R4 Magazine Basic 1xM20 Chassis, Backplane, Chassis BFL 119 215/1

  • Huawei BRAS ME60 series Multi-Service Control Gateway> Huawei Distributed Converged Cable Access Platform ME60 Multi-Service Router. ME60-X16 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card E(BP40-E)

  • Huawei-AntiDDoS8000 Series DDoS Defend SystemAntiDDoS8000 Series products are designed for carriers, (include X3 DC Chassis,2*MPU) 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card(P40) Optional

  • HUAWEI /- цена со скидкой, купить с доставкой по Москве HUAWEI NE40E&NE80E Router Product Documentation. 2-Port 10GBase WAN-XFP Line Processing Unit E. 1-Port OC-192c/STM-64c POS-XFP Flexible Card

  • (1.1) NE40E-X Series Products Hardware Introduction | Usb .Structure of the NE40E-X3 Copyright © 2010 Huawei 2-port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP FPIC flexible plug-in 2-port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP flexible plug-in card

  • Rechercher les meilleurs carte flexible fabricants et Huawei NE40E-X3 CR52-P20-1x10GBase WAN / LAN-XFP Flexible Plug (2 Sous Fente) pour Huawei NE40E-X3 TX-RJ45 48 Port 10/100 Base Flexible Carte, Huawei

  • S12700 Series Agile Switches - Huawei ProductsHuawei S12700 series agile switches are core switches flexible function customization and supports a smooth 4-port 10G BASE-X interface card (EA, XFP)

  • NE40E V300R003 Product Description.pdf - Documents Huawei Industrial Base Board Quantity in the System 10G POS 2 NE40E-8:16 NE40E-4:8 2.5G POS 1-Port 10GBase WAN/LAN-XFP Flexible Card It is a

  • Huawei LE0MX2UXA 03020MUQ 2-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card Huawei LE0MX2UXA 03020MUQ 2-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card,US $ 100 - 1,000 / Set, Guangdong, China (Mainland), Huawei, LE0MX2UXA.Source from Uonel Technology Co., Ltd

  • Huawei NE40E-X1/X2 Router - Sandes Technology LimitedHuawei NE40E-X1/X2 Router With 20/40G capacity, the NE40E-X1/X2 supports 2*10G/4*10G and flexible interface types such as GE Huawei ME60 BRAS MSCG ME60-X3,

  • Huawei Parts Numbers List by Page-21 – AFR Enterprises2-port 10gbase lan/wan-xfp flexible: Avl: RFQ: (include ne40e-x3 chassis,2 mpus, 2 ac 24port base-x & 2port interface card, huawei 24-port base-x & 2-port

  • 4 PORT 10G Price - Huawei Price List 2017Check 4 PORT 10G price from the latest Huawei price list 48-Port-10GE.2-Port-40GE.2-Port-100GE Interface Card 48-port 100M/1000M/10G Base-T Interface Card

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  • Huawei NE5000E Cluster Router, View Huawei NE40E, Huawei Huawei NE5000E Cluster Router,US $ 1 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP Flexible Card Huawei NE40E NE40E-X3 NE40E-X8 NE40

  • Huawei S12700 Series Switches Product Datasheet8-port 10G Cluster Switching 4-port 10GBASE-X interface card (EC, XFP)-128K MAC ET1D2X12SSA0 LAN/WAN switchover Buffer: 2 MB Hot swap